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Art is an expression of how we see and interpret the events, values, and aspects of life. This is why at International Center for the Arts, our nonprofit center is an escape for artists who want a getaway from the busy life and want to work on their artwork. We work to promote a global networking for artists of all nations to come together, share ideas, styles, and finished products with each other and people across the world.

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Help bring the world together through the promotion of art.
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We are member of the United Nations Association.

About International Center for the Arts

Bring art to the world and help revitalize an interest in it by donating to International Center for the Arts, a nonprofit organization, in Oxford, Pennsylvania. Since 1994, it has been our goal to create an elegant and timeless location to promote top artists of all genres from every nation. This global center selects the best through a committee. We target our services to artist committees, corporations, councils, and individuals worldwide. All countries and all kinds of artists are welcome to participate, either through separate projects or collaborative ventures.

Mission Statement:

The overall goal of International Center for the Arts is to create a nonprofit center for the arts, this concept is something that we are sharing with the world. We currently have contacted embassies worldwide, art councils, First Ladies of the United States, actors, and individuals from all walks of life.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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